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Blockchain technology is moving at a breath-taking speed. Every day new projects are announced, new Initial Coin Offerings launched, updates released, tokens created, and new currencies unveiled. Even for the most die-hard enthusiasts, it’s hard to keep up with the news.

This is partially due to the speed of development, but also due to the disparate content channels in the crypto community. To remain informed, community members are supposed to subscribe to a plethora of Reddit forums, Slack channels, Telegram channels, Gitter channels, participate in the Bitcoin Forum (which deals with a much wider spectrum of projects than just Bitcoin), subscribe to a number of newsletters and monitor the web pages of major projects. And no serious crypto enthusiast can get away without following the key players on Twitter and monitoring important LinkedIn groups and company sites.

After getting all this information, there is some serious filtering to be done. It is not easy to separate the rumors from the real announcements and the vapourware from the solid projects. With all this going on, there is hardly any time at the end of the day to check the current state on one’s investment on CoinMarketCap. Let’s not even consider time for productive community contributions.

Block Telegraph – An Intelligent Crypto News Site

A new blockchain-focused news and background site is about to change this., backed by the successful startup Hooch, provides up-to-date news on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with a focus on informative content about promising projects, crypto community activities, and future trends. The news content is combined with articles explaining key concepts and underlying technologies, as well as in-depth analysis of use cases and other important issues, such as Blockchain governance and regulatory issues and technology outlooks.

A Team of A-Class Writers

To achieve all this, Block Telegraph has built a versatile team of writers with different backgrounds. Hands-on technical skills and knowledge of the underlying cryptography and distributed systems theory are combined with industry-specific knowledge of different application domains. The writers’ educational backgrounds range from Ph.D. in Computer Science to Master in Arts. This ensures a wide range of topics and a combination of insights no single specialization can provide.

Solid Backing

Block Telegraph is backed by Hooch, a well-funded start-up that has recently secured $5 million in seed funding, in addition to $2.5 million obtained earlier. The core business of the company has grown from a drink-a-day subscription service to providing exclusive lifestyle experiences, such as travel and entertainment offerings, including hotel discounts, concerts, concierge services and much more.

Recently, the company has ventured into the blockchain space, announcing TapCoin. This new cryptographic token provides an in-app currency subscribers can use to obtain discounts and access to exclusive experiences and services. In exchange for awarding TapCoin tokens to users, experience providers obtain access to subscribers’ data and history, which allows them to tailor offers and experiences to their customers.

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