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Woz’s Technological Optimism Suggests Promise for Bitcoin, Blockchain

The earliest Macintosh PowerBook was chunky and dark gray. It featured a built in trackball, where the touchpad is on today’s Macbook, and little rotating

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Are Bringing Transparency and Verifiability to Loyalty Programs

New blockchain apps using cryptocurrency as rewards and cash back have the potential to improve the loyalty space. Read on to learn how. Blockchain,


The First National Cryptocurrency is Here. But is it Working?

A few months ago, Venezuela became the first nation to adopt a crypto as their primary currency. Announced in December 2017 and launched in February, the


MOVA Wants the Supply Chain to be Faster, Cheaper and Greener

“How is this possible? It was supposed to be here last week!” Your books didn’t come in time for the author signing. Banners didn’t show up for the launch.


Blockchain-Based Lending Could Mean Trouble for Big Banks

If there’s one industry that could use a good dose of disruption, it’s global finance. The established lending systems and their calcified pantheon of


Investors Face Hefty Taxes on Cryptocurrency Purchases

Lately, it feels like there’s never any good news to come out of the crypto community. And the rollercoaster ride for so many US investors is about to take

bitcoin vs ethereum

Bitcoin Vs Ethereum: Here’s What You Need to Know

While Bitcoin hogged the headlines last year, Ethereum is entering the mainstream consciousness as well. Although it was established in 2015, the wider


Cyber Crime: Man-in-the-Browser Attacks Are On The Rise

If you’re like the rest of the US, you’ve already ditched traditional cash when making purchases. If you actually go to a store, rather than order online,

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What is KYC and Why Does It Matter?

After a hair-raising 2017 with scores of ICOs raising millions of bucks overnight, the morning after is hitting hard. In the cold light of day, many a


What Are Smart Contracts And How Do They Work?

After hearing about the capabilities of the blockchain and its transparency and decentralization, the next term you’ll come up against is inevitably smart

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