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SparkleCOIN Is Using the Blockchain to Make Cryptocurrencies Accessible for Everyone

Cryptocurrencies, along with the broader implications of blockchain technology, are poised to disrupt core pillars of our modern economy. By scaling adoption of these digital assets, we can sustain levels of accessibility, liquidity, and security that society has never before seen in a fiscal system. SparkleCOIN, a hot blockchain startup, is on a mission to […]Continue Reading
Finance ICOs News Technology

How One Startup Is Leveraging the Power of the Blockchain to Disrupt the $90+ Billion-Dollar Gaming Industry

The nested potential of blockchain far exceeds what we see in today’s volatile cryptocurrencies. If implemented effectively, this disruptive piece of technology represents a far greater opportunity to fundamentally change the way society organizes and secures its information. At a high level, we can leverage the decentralized nature of blockchain in a variety of spaces Continue Reading